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Skywest Jumpseat Agreements

08 oct Skywest Jumpseat Agreements

Unfortunately, we have found that this change is on the move and will come into effect on October 15, 2019. Since they have violated the terms of our jumpseat agreement and the regulatory document that allows them to access our airlift through this amendment, we have no choice and we must start by denying all United and UAX Exclusive pilots access to our airlift jumpseats, also with effect from October 15, 2019. These United flights are critical to our operations and we are working on alternative solutions. We did not arrive at this decision lightly and informed SkyWest`s executive management of the status of this issue; they expressed their support for our position. It is important to keep in mind that the non-revenue and positive space remains unchanged. While we understand that United controls revenue on board the aircraft, the airline operator and sapa retain control of the FOM and Jumpseat priority. We cannot simply accept it for reasons of comfort and agenda specific to UALPA. We believe it is unacceptable and we hope that our measures will quickly resolve this issue if we work with the pilot representatives of Republic Airlines and Mesa (the other United Express airlines involved). We have prepared a written letter for you that has instructed United Pilots to take appropriate steps to address the issue directly with your own jumpseat committee, as our requests to stop the existing mutual agreement have fallen on deaf ears. We will keep you informed of any changes to this issue as soon as we have information. This change is a direct violation of our long-standing mutual agreement on processing priority for all United and United Express flights and is also contrary to our Flight Operations Manual (FOM) jumpseat priority list. Last year, we were informed that United Airlines ALPA MEC had proposed a software change to our Jumpseat priority on all United and United Express flights, to place UA Mainline pilots and United Express Exclusive pilots ahead of all United Express pilots on other UAX airlines.

For more clarity, «United Express Exclusive» includes pilots at ExpressJet, Commutair, Air Wisconsin, Trans States and GoJet. Hear the rumble of jumpseat priorities changing for non-exclusive UAX carriers like Skywest and RAH? Can anyone shed light on what is happening!? The CPA is his usual mess. We are aware that a number of our pilots depend on the jumpseat and, as such, we have made extreme efforts to deal with these earlier attempts to dictate our jumpseat agreements with sensitivity and diplomacy, but we have been confronted with firm statements from the UALPA leadership, which indicate that they are in no way willing to lead a debate on this issue. All full-time SkyWest employees have the opportunity to choose a health plan from a number of options, including a PPO and consumer-focused health plans with HSA. Dental and visual plans are also available. SkyWest offers 401(k) plans with generous matching, a stock purchase plan, and a quarterly performance rewards program that allow employees to participate in the company`s operational and financial success. Skywest jumps on it, it`s huge. The Republic will follow. I know that the Delta pilots whispered and they also wanted to have priority on these express flights. This should stop him dead in his tracks. It`s a good thing for Skywest to oppose if other regions may not be able to do so. .

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