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Shrm Sample Telecommuting Agreement

08 oct Shrm Sample Telecommuting Agreement

Persons applying for formal telework contracts must be employed for at least 12 months on [the company name] of regular and continuous employment and have a satisfactory current account balance. Temporary telework arrangements can be approved for circumstances such as bad weather, special projects or business travel. These agreements are approved only if necessary, without a lasting continuation being expected. All informal telework arrangements are concluded on a case-by-case basis, with a focus first on the business requirements of the organization. Telework is not intended to replace adequate childcare. While an individual staff member`s schedule can be modified to meet childcare needs, the agreement must remain focused on work performance and meeting business requirements. Potential teleworkers are encouraged to discuss telework expectations with their family members before entering a trial phase. In line with the company`s expectations for information security for employees working in the office, remote workers are expected to ensure the protection of business and customer proprietary information that they can access from their home office. Steps include using locked cabinets and desks, regular password maintenance, and all other measures appropriate to the work and environment.

Teleworking can be informal, for example. B from home for a short-term project or on the go during a business trip or a formal and set schedule for work outside the office, as described below. Either an employee or a supervisor can propose telework as a possible work agreement. Any telework agreement is taken on trial during the first three months and can be hired at will and at any time at the request of the teleworker or the organization. Every effort is made to inform such an amendment 30 days in advance, in order to take into account commuting, childcare and other problems that may result from the termination of a telework contract. However, there may be cases where no notification is possible. On a case-by-case basis, [company name] with information provided by the employee and supervisor, the corresponding equipment requirements (including hardware, software, modems, telephone and data lines and other office equipment) for each telework contract. The Human Resources and Information Systems Departments will serve as resources in this area. The equipment provided by the organization is maintained by the organization. Equipment provided by the employee is maintained by staff, if the organization deems it appropriate. [Company Name] assumes no responsibility for damage or repairs to employee-owned equipment.

[Company Name] reserves the right to make decisions regarding the appropriate equipment that can be changed at any time. The equipment provided by the organization may only be used for commercial purposes. The teleworker must sign an inventory of all goods received and agree to take appropriate measures to protect the objects from damage or theft. After the termination of the employment relationship, the entire ownership of the company is returned to the company, unless no other agreement has been concluded. Teleworkers who are not exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act must accurately record all hours worked with [company name]`s time maintenance system. Hours that go beyond the scheduled hours per day and per week of work are subject to the prior authorization of the supervisor of the teleworker. .

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