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Serco Immigration Services Agreement 2018

07 oct Serco Immigration Services Agreement 2018

3.116 The Hawke Williams report also addressed this issue and found that the lack of clarity about Serco`s role contributed to delaying the response to the unrest. Serco`s role in providing security services is specified in Chapter 8. We have contract managers and detention staff responsible for ensuring that results are delivered, that the facility is properly managed, and that the services to be provided are provided. The government mandated Serco for its expertise in the management of the facilities to properly manage this contract and the detention centers. It would simply be inappropriate for us to say, «We don`t trust you to make the appropriate judgments and we will monitor your workforce and tell you how to get the job done. [181] We have a very detailed and comprehensive directive that covers the dispensing of secondary drugs. There are a number of clear guidelines. It must be carried out according to the written instructions of the Chief of Health Services, the person responsible for the FMS. It is only carried out during hours when the SCE is not present.

There is very detailed documentation that needs to be provided. The drug is handed over to Serco staff at the end of the IHMS stratum. It is supplied in blister blisters or Webster packaging. Serco employees are not allowed to remove bottles of pills and spend the pills from there. It is prepackaged and comes with very clear instructions on how it should be distributed to customers. But we are delighted to make this directive available, if necessary, for prior notification. 3.12 Under the contract, Serco is required to provide a wide range of services to prisoners on behalf of DIAC. These services include: since the FOI section has not yet received a response from you, the department will continue to finalize this request.. . . .

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