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Individual Flexibility Agreement Anu

23 sep Individual Flexibility Agreement Anu

Information about flexibility and working from home, holiday policy, our take a Break campaign and much more. We are all part of a connected ANU community and work with our local teams as well as our colleagues on campus and beyond. None of us work in isolation and, looking at flexibility at ANU, it`s important to look beyond our own needs and preferences and think about flexibility within our teams. This involves interacting with our own team, with other teams and supporting our own individual needs. A number of general principles and the university`s commitment to an approach to flexibility for staff and students. 5.3. The university must ensure that the terms of the individual flexibility agreement: flexible working rules are agreed for a fixed period and are regularly discussed between you and your tutor. The aim is to ensure that agreements work as intended, that individual and team responsibility continue to be achieved, and that agreements can be reviewed and amended if circumstances change. 5.1. It is recognised that flexibility is provided for throughout the agreement, including, but not, the following clauses: If you wish to share your ideas or suggestions or obtain further information on the flexibility of the ANU, please send an email to the Culture and Development Human Resources team: The University recognises that you have interests and responsibilities within and outside your role.

I ANU. A conversation with your supervisor as part of your RDP is a great opportunity to think creatively about how you can use flexibility to support your career goals. Links to a number of guidelines and procedures can be found here: During the pandemic, we have been working in a new, innovative and flexible way. This fact sheet provides employees and superiors with instructions on the main requirements for a return to campus and a flexibility agreement that may involve continuous work from home. 5.5. The university must, within 14 days from the date of agreement, issue to the staff a copy of the individual flexibility agreement. We want to look at flexibility holistically as part of an interview about the operational requirements of the team – reconciling responsibilities, performance, personal and professional development and success at work.

In order to support the prevention of COVID-19 transmission and other illnesses in the community during the winter season, employees and superiors are encouraged to consider flexibility at work and determine if a return to campus is necessary at that time. Flexibility goes beyond part-time work, changing your start or end time, or accessing leave to support external commitments. Flexibility can be: where you work, when you work, and how you work. The flexibility of the ANU is to promote and develop the environment in which we stand out, to achieve results for the teams and our individual role and responsibility in the work and in our wider life. . . .

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