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What Is The Prayer Of Agreement And How Does It Work

15 abr What Is The Prayer Of Agreement And How Does It Work

Now go back to our original memory, Matthew 18:18-20. He first gives the principle of attachment and loss, then, before describing the power of the prayer of concordance, he reuses the word! He begins the sentence: «Once again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree on all they can ask for, it will happen to them from my Father who is in heaven.» The word reconnects these two thoughts. You see, Jesus tells us that he speaks the same thing – these are the keys to the kingdom. 3. Now I`ll leave you a little secret. This little mystery is for all pastors and for all others in the flock who want to learn to become a mighty prayer warrior on their way with the Lord. Jesus wants you to agree and make sure that this happens. The word agree is translated in The Amplified Bible as «agreeing and harmonizing together or making a symphony together.» The word symphony caught my attention once, so I looked and discovered that it meant «all the instruments available in harmony». Your mind, mind and actions must correspond to the Word. This next secret of prayer is another that is truly powerful, which can be added to your arsenal of the different kinds of prayer strategies that you can welcome with the Lord. It is another that comes directly from Jesus Christ himself. You don`t need to pray with someone else or ask someone else to pray for you or with you. However, on the other side of the coin, you will associate from time to time with other believers and approach the throne of God with the same prayer.

If they grow and mature in your path with the Lord, you will be able to get to the point where you will know when to summon the other troops and when not to be. This is something you have to learn through trial and error. It will be up to the Holy Spirit to help you do so. Just learn to become more sensitive to your leaders, your intuitions and your knowledge of what to do and how to do it. Prayer is a serious matter with the Lord, and you do not want to harass other powerful warriors of prayer with minor and trivial matters that can only be dealt with between you and God. Here too, when it comes to deciding when to summon the other troops and when not to, we must decide with common sense. A prayer of concord therefore is consistent with the Word of God and goes in partnership with someone who believes and agrees with you according to the Word. The agreement with the Word and another believer are not the only things related to this kind of prayer. Agreement is also harmony. We counted a second time and we were still neglected.

I told the priest he had to be there, and we counted again. It was always the same thing. He said we counted all night until we had it. Suddenly I remembered that the pastor`s wife had bought me a Bible in front of the church. She had put the money in an envelope and made a personal offer. When I opened it, there was a $25 offer. We received five dollars above what we had said! I believe that God and Jesus are trying to tell us, with the concrete wording of this verse, that there is an extreme power in collective prayer – where a group of believers all marry in one unity, in harmony and in agreement with what they will pray before the Lord.

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