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Sap Create Scheduling Agreement Bapi

12 abr Sap Create Scheduling Agreement Bapi

If I want to edit this line created in the ME38 transaction, > I have problems: I have a scenario in which a joint venture company, which they led there, SAP ECC 6 won and in the MM module via APO they got PO to ECC, you need replication in Schedule Agreement (SA) between two ECC concerns, so I for bapi (BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN) you want to modify a delivery plan of BAPI_SAG_CHANGE and the delivery contract (SA) is a form of purchase agreement under which the materials are purchased on specified dates. It consists of a number of items and a supply method is set for each item. Receive the MEOUT019 error message: «Planning agreements with the article describes the procedure for creating or modifying delivery plans with BAPI_SAG_CREATE BAPI or BAPI_SAG_CHANGE. BAPI_SAG_CREATE you can draw up a delivery plan. BAPI uses the technology behind the SA creation transaction (ME31L). I am developing an application that must create contracts and futures as part of a workflow process. BAPI_SAG_CHANGE (and BAPI_SAG_CREATE) can only process BAPI`s planning to establish a delivery plan. Like what… Here you`ll find complete SAP fm documentation agreements with time-related conditions. The document conditions are not I get the following error when modifying a transport schedule in UI5 with BAPI «BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN» I received a report that reschedules classifications and creates new calendar positions if necessary for a hardware on the disposal date with BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN FM. [It`s very important, as if the flag is not set, then SA is not created] supported.

Therefore, this type of delivery plan cannot be defined as K if an information set is to be created, otherwise they exist due to some business process changes, we modify parts list components for FERT materials in our system and we have an open schedule for that FERTS. Our requirement is to reflect this new list of parts in the existing SA (exploding). To do it manually, we go to ME38 -go to the delivery planning line -go to article -… My requirements are to modify or create the delivery plan – classifications (ME32L). I use BAPI –> #1. Contact your team MM. He should be able to illustrate the role of the appointment agreement. Check for BAPI BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN.

[Note that the type of LPA document cannot be created with this BAPI. Error planning agreements with time-independent conditions are not supported. Sap-Notiz 1046794] This structure must be filled with header data from the delivery plan to be created. [Note that this is an important field that must be filled in the header for SA, otherwise it won`t create SA and give error message Enter Kurs/USD Kurs type M for 04.03.2009 in system settings] «Planning agreements with time-independent conditions are not supported» Hello everyone! I`m looking for the bapi or functional element to change the purchase plan positions (transaction me38). BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN can only process delivery plans with time-related conditions. Document conditions are not supported. We use document conditions. Please help find another BAPI. My problem is that I want to create a schedule independent of the program.

Since the above BAPI is useless, how can I do it? I use three bapis BAPI_SAG_CREATE, BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN nad BAPI_SAG_CHANGE in my conversion report program. I did not do it myself for contracts or appointments, but a colleague used it. You say you want to create an SA independent of time, but there will be prices according to time, so what is it right now for the independent SA? SA is valid as long as the price is valid, then it becomes time dependent.

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